Friday, December 11, 2009

Rosetta Code Submission

I got bored one day, so I wrote up a couple small algorithms from the RosettaCode in D and Erlang. Added Erlang implementations of Run Length Encoding and Merge Sort. Also, I added a second version of Merge Sort for D using the 2.0 version and templates. I didn't add a D version of RLE as my version ended up being similar to the version that was already there.

Hopefully they stay for a while as I'd hate to get credit for someone else's work. The Erlang Merge Sort was fun as I have the shortest implementation on the page! Of course, it helps a lot that the Erlang standard library had both a split and a merge function. However, I did create a multi-process version. I could only try it on a dual-core machine with little improvement. I'd love to know what it could do on a larger box.

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Blogger Michael Mol said...

Thanks for leaving code! BTW, it helps if you create an account; MediaWiki tracks contributions by-user if the user is logged in, by-IP otherwise.

You can also link to a specific diff of the page history, so you can more accurately identify your contributions if you like.

Merge Sort
Run-length Encoding

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