Monday, May 04, 2009

Is Drizzle the Future?

I'll keep this short: are applications like Drizzle the future? I don't mean databases. I mean, instead of developing an entire app, you create a "kernel" of sorts where you can plug in various pieces of functionality to get exactly what you want. That's essentially what Drizzle has become. You can plug in a number of different pieces of functionality into it to get just the right DBMS you want. Firefox is similar to this in that it has it's extensive plugin system. There are others as well.

So, perhaps we should start thinking about creating software that serves a purpose, but can be easily extended to get just the right functionality. And, if done right, be compatible with other instances of the app or clients. This is a key as remember, Drizzle uses the MySQL protocol, so any client that can connect to MySQL can connect to Drizzle. Makes porting from one to the other easier.

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