Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Current MySQL Release Comments

Well, MySQL 5.1 has been released and it's apparently not up to par with previous releases. While we all know that no software is completely bug free, unless of course you're talking about NASA (WOW!), apparently some major bugs did slip through. Granted, these are edge cases if my reading is correct, however it is cause for concern.

So, does this mean that the anti-MySQL should rejoice and say "Hah! Ours is better!" No. First, there are still things you can do with MySQL that should still work just fine and can't be done with other RDBMSs. Second, your systems have their problems as well. While vendors like Oracle, and I think even the PostgreSQL people to a degree, would love to say that theirs is the end-all, be-all of databases, they aren't.

Now, how does this impact my view of things? Well, it was kind-of a shot in the arm to maybe look into other solutions a bit more. Yes, I most likely will still be using MySQL for some projects, but oddly enough, I'm now have an interest in PostgreSQL, mainly for some of the more programmatic things it can do. It has its warts, but I think it brings a lot of nice things to the table. Also, I'm now more interested in Drizzle.

Maybe I should look into Firebird as well. Anyone know what the benefits are of it compared to PostgreSQL?

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