Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pcal in your browser

Recently I installed and set up a calendar using pcal. While I like the postscript output, I came up with a good idea: why not make my homepage the HTML version of the calendar? So, what I did was I set up my calendar file to include all important holidays and some birthdays. Then, I wrote a quick script:

pcal -H -o ~/cal.html

Now, I made this my default homepage. I also wanted to have it be my default page in new tabs, which is needed since I tend to leave tabs open, so installed the New Tab Homepage extension for Firefox.

The last step was to set up a cron job so that a new calendar would be created at the start of every month. This hasn't been tested yet, but it should work.

So, now whenever I open a new tab, I see what events are occurring this month. Simple, but effective. Gotta love good tools. And Linux :-)

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