Thursday, March 27, 2008

Loving Perl

Oh yeah. My work day ended on a high note. You see, one of my coworkers needs to be able to take large amounts of delimited data and convert it to XML, or something similar. So, I got to spend some time earlier this week and late last week working on a Perl program that will take an input file and export it using a template. It works well and he even likes it.

Today, he asked if I could look at some more complicated data sets. By virtue of good design and the ease of making coding changes, I was able to get two of these data sets into a new format while fixing bugs and creating an extra helper script in less than two hours.

One of the other cool things is that I created a script this morning that performs some cleanup on XML files, namely removing empty tags and blank lines. I built it as a package that could be run from the command line, which is a nice bit of flexibility. I got to actually import it into the program described above and it worked like a charm. Not perfect, but pretty close.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I can make some improvements to these helpers scripts/packages and get the last data set taken care of.

Perl rocks!

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