Sunday, March 23, 2008

Elive no more...

Well, at least not for my desktop. I got sick of not having newer versions of some packages, so I decided to try out something Ubuntu-based. I first tried OpenGEU, however it kept trying to run something gtk+ related as SUID and failing. This was disappointing because it looked great if not somewhat buggy off the livecd. Since I prefer a lightweight desktop environment, I tried Xubuntu and it's working well. Not quite perfect, but I can live with it. It runs fast and doesn't get in the way.

I did try to install Enlightenment, however it was DR 16 and after using DR 17, it's not very nice. I tried to launch Gnome, but I ran into the same gtk+ problem. No idea why.

Anyway, so far it's working out very nicely. The XFCE desktop works very well. Hell, even the PasswordSafe try icon shows up in the icon tray.

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