Thursday, January 17, 2008

More on bazaar

I just started moving some code from my subversion repository to bazaar and I figured I'd pass on a few tidbits of knowledge.

  1. Converting my old repository didn't work out. I couldn't get any of the tools to work, which may be my own dumb fault.
  2. Bazaar doesn't like large files. I don't know what the limit is, but if I try to add some multi-megabyte files, it will crash. Granted, it does appear to recover just fine if you do a revert, but it's just weird. Subversion appears to handle them just fine. I guess that's one area that subversion does excel at.
  3. Bazaar can be very slow at times. It's happened to me only twice in the past two days where bazaar really slowed down on me. It looked like it was stuck pushing data back to the main branch. It was still running, though I did have to kill it today since I was taking my laptop home.
  4. Repository layout is important. More below.
See, when I started this yesterday, I was going to put one big folder that spanned several projects all in one bazaar repository with the main branch being stored on a shared drive on my company's network. (No need to worry about backups then :) After having to painstakingly add directory after directory, clean out large files, etc. I had a great idea. I was going to create a single repository for each project. This would reduce the amount of space I need since I don't need every project on my local machine. I'll probably keep a couple smaller ones on, but I can just keep the ones I need locally and have the rest archived. Since my subversion repository is still intact and on the shared drive as well, I can just copy over all the directories I need, put them in bazaar and done!

Now, one of the other things I plan on doing is having the code/software and the documentation for a project in the same repository. Now, I have all my documents in my My Documents folder and my code in other folders. I figure this way, I'm less prone to keeping clutter on my drive. Also, I think it'll keep me more organized.

Now, to answer the question of why I'm moving from subversion to bazaar. It's really quite simple: local commits. I really like subversion and think it works great, but local commits are something I want. I know there are other tools, but as I stated in the prior post, bazaar just impressed me with how they think about version control.

Anyway, that's all for now.

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