Monday, July 09, 2007

Streaming blobs!

Just a quick posting. I'm really excited about this technology. The ability to stream blobs out of a database really makes things easier in several ways. Granted, this goes against the conventional wisdom that you store blobs outside of the database, but it looks to be real nice for those situations where you have a ton of files. I think it's really going to change things for larger sites where you have lots of images, documents, etc. Instead of having to pull the file out, store it on disk, and send it to the client. Now, we just link to it.

As for the other advantages that putting files in a database, here they are from memory:

1. Overcome filesystem limitations in terms of the number of files that can be stored on disk.
2. Database backups now take care of all of the data, including files.
3. Can take advantage of the benefits of replication and clustering.

Food for thoughts.


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