Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Framework Progress and New WM

First, just a quick post on the progress I made with the framework I've been working on. It turned into an interesting exercise in evolution. To start, the index.php page that is used was procedural in nature, but instantiated objects for each page. Nice and easy. Well, I figured I'd try to make the framework a bit cleaner for the developers, so I figured I could use inheritance, so I created a small class with a couple helper functions that the page classes would extend. Well, it worked, but I made a small goof where I goofed the path to the page classes. So, since the variable I needed was outside of the scope of the class, I ended up wrapping all of the code up into the class. So, where I started out with procedural code and ended up with a Object-oriented setup.

Second, I'm trying out Ion as my windows manager on my Linux laptop. So far, I'm liking it. It seems to be very fast and doesn't require me to use the mouse much. Very nice. I've been an Enlightenment fan for quite some time, but I think I may enjoy using this one more.


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