Friday, December 01, 2006

We got disk storage!

Just what the title says. It's stupidly simple storage using storable to store the object to disk, but we can at least save and load the data later. Eh, it works.

Anyway, this means the current status is that it's a library that stores a graph/associative database in memory that can be stored to disk at any time. Unfortunately, I can't really stress test it, but I think it's pretty good.

The next step is to put it somewhere. I do have a sourceforge account, so I may put it there. I have several ideas that I plan on releasing, so I'm trying to decide whether to have a separate project for each, or to just have them all in one project. The problem is I'm not sure how far I plan on going with any of them. Some may continue. Others may be a one shot deal. Of course, one compelling reason to have each project separate is that if someone wants to take over an idea of mine, I could more easily transition it.

Eh, thoughts for another day.


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