Monday, November 13, 2006

API Done?

Well, I can get, add, and delete entities (subject and objects), predicates, and relationships. I don't think it's quite perfect, but it's a start. Yes, I do know that this is very basic, however it's a start. It's something to build on, which is what I wanted. I didn't want to force anyone into a specific query language. I wanted to make it usefull enough to be the foundation of a useful product.

Now, what's next.
  • Disk-based storage.
  • Sample interface. Perhaps make a server that accepts requests and sends back data in a JSON format? Maybe even something using mod_perl...
  • Clustering? Just toying with the idea now, but it may be an interesting thing to do. It'll require a persistant server, but still...
Well, that's a wrap. Most likely, I'll touch up the API a bit, but I'm happy with how much got done so far.


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